Custom Trailers


Electronic Vans

Electronic Vans are for mass loads, because of the usable inside space, and their distance from ground to floor entry.They are desired for multiple uses, everything from car haulers, vending units, mobile work stations, mobile kitchens, even school bands. They are extremely user friendly for any custom need. For more information on electronic vans call F&S Trailer Sales at (615) 361-8736.


Petro Tanks

Engineered for operational efficiency, custom-built for maximum performance, and thoroughly tested to ensure quality and durability. F&S Trailers petroleum tanks are backed by the trailer industry’s best warranty and service.  For more information on our petroleum tanks call F&S Trailer Sales at (615) 361-8736.


Furniture Vans

Furniture Vans have the most cubic feet of any enclosed trailer on the road today. They are also have the lowest floor entry of any trailer. Their name tells it all, furniture vans were designed to haul mass loads of non-palletized material and are loaded by hand majority of the time. If you have to enter the trailer on a regular basis, this might be the trailer for you. For more information on our custom furniture van trailers call F&S Trailer Sales at (615) 361-8736.


Dry Freight

The dry freight van is the back bone of the transportation industry. These units are used every day to deliver the things we use every day. There is a saying about trucks and trailers, “If you got it today, it came by truck yesterday.” These units are also customized for the job they have been dedicated to do. For more information on our custom dry freight vans call F&S Trailer Sales at (615) 361-8736.



Flatbeds are made for the heavy haul. The attention to detail on these unit are what makes the trailers a quality product. Also known as platform trailers, these rugged units are ready for a load of steel to a load of lumber. We make sure each flatbed trailer fits your individual application. For more information on our custom flatbed trailers call F&S Trailer Sales at (615) 361-8736.

peerless open top trailer

Open Top

Open top units are used in every industry from the lumber industry to the steel industry because of the ability to carry the load in its maximum form or mass. The ease of loading and unloading makes open top trailer units very functional from carrying chips one way to a palletized material back. Handling Peerless line of open tops gives us the unique ability to customize the trailer to fit your application.

heil cement tank

Pneumatic Tanks

These tanks are one of the most custom built units in the market today. They have to meet the applications of the job and the material being transported. They also need to meet the DOT requirements of that region they are working in. Each unit will vary in the volume and the pressure that they work under, it all depends on what type of product is being carried. Combining the weight-saving advantage and strength of aluminum to build the toughest and lightest tank in the industry, while designed to achieve the maximum payloads allowed and less down time.