F&S Trailer Sales is a locally owned business in Nashville, Tennessee. It was started by Larimore Foster in 1975. He built F&S with a belief in service to the customer and a detail to perfecting the product. He has been doing that in the same location now for 34 years. His father introduced him to the trucking industry when he was young by building truck bodies for businesses in Middle Tennessee and the surrounding areas.

He did everything in his fathers shop from bucking the rivets to keeping the shop warm in the winter. After school, he worked in the nursery business for five years. That is where he got his “PHD eductcaton; plowing, hoeing , and digging degree.” After this, he went to work for Fruehauf Trailer Company for 17 years and during this time he traveled all across the southeast building business relationships that still thrive today.

Having helped many businesses get their start in the transportation industry, he always makes sure the customer gets the trailer or trailers they need to do the job. We still work on the foundation that Larry put in place years ago – and with the belief in service to the customer and the attention to details to prefect the trailers. We will be doing this for years to come.

“We want you to be as proud of the trailer as we are, that way we know we did our job.”

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